Why was this program created

I simply want to offer the common consumer looking to better their health and wellness a fail proof system that is transparent and easy to understand. This program was not created to bombard you with technical terms and fancy "Fitness Fluff" to get your attention. The ultimate goal of this 90 Day Transformative Wellness Program is to create a confident conversation around health and fitness, with less clutter and confusion. Enroll Here (Available Labor Day)

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This 90 program was created with your goals in mind.There are NO short cuts when it comes to your fitness journey. That magic serum you've been taking only benefits the bank account of the company or person you brought it from. The truth is, weight loss and diets are a billion dollar industry.  They capitalize on the common consumer by giving miss guided information and then selling "stuff" they say you need. For instance, there is no such thing as spot reductions and you can not loose weight in one specific area on your body. Crash dieting only works temporarily, drinking those fat loss teas is ridiculous and wearing  a waist trainer is a waste of time!

Registrations Opens Labor Day


Registrations Opens Labor Day


Registrations Opens Labor Day

What's In Store?

Put in WORK with 6 Small Group Training Sessions Every Month

We've partnered with a local health coach for a Free Wellness Coaching Session

Stay on track with 3 Fitness Assessments

Unlimited access to all fitness at class LHTransformations

Fuel up the right way with our meal plans provided through the program

Never miss a workout through our online portal

Trainer Chats, Weekly phone calls for accountability