Meet the Fit Fam

Our FitFam is comprised of dedicated individuals who are willing to push others when needed. LHTransformations is a place where everyone can come to get education and support. No matter where you are on the fitness scale, join us to work on fitness goals and participate in a fun-filled environment.

Founded in 2015 by Larry Hamilton he specialize in With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Larry Hamilton “LH” specializes in “Sharing The Wealth of Health!” As the owner and founder of LHTransformations Fitness Studio Larry’s able to seamlessly connect with entire communities through his passion and expertise in the fitness industry.

Larry ultimate passion is to transform lives through health and fitness. So whether you are beginning your fitness journey, enriching your fitness repertoire or you’re an elite athlete, your personal fitness goals can and will be achieved by working with such a knowledgeable and versatile fitness professional like LH!


Want to create a road map for your fitness goals?

Schedule a phone call with Larry Hamilton, owner and founder of LHTransformations. Let's hop on a phone call to discuss your goals and strategies your fitness journey here at LHTransformatoins.

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Our Approach

"The LHT Fitness Journey Experience "

We are more than just fitness classes. Our  systematic approach provides members with sustainable results!